Can You Deduct Your Moving Expenses?

Yes, but you have to be moving 40 kilometers closer to work (or school).

You can claim moving expenses if you’ve graduated from University and are moving back home – as long as school was more than 40km away from and you have a job! Often kids don’t move home without starting a new job. You may have no prospects in your field, but even if you’re starting a job as a barista, you can claim your moving expenses.

You can also claim your moving expenses if you’re crossing the country to start a business, such as if you’re moving to Quebec to be a maple syrup farmer or to BC to teach surfing.

You might get some pushback if you’re moving somewhere and taking the business with you, though.

If you’re working for a company who has transferred you to a different office and they’ve covering some of the expenses, be aware that you can’t double dip. You can only claim the difference between what was offered and what the move actually cost.

The most important thing is to keep all your receipts with anything that happens due to the move, including things you’re not sure about.

Is there a cost associated with getting hydro set up in your new place? You can claim it! Installation fees for internet, phone or gas? You can claim it!

Are you travelling a long distance? Say you rent a UHaul and drive from New Brunswick to British Columbia, it’ll take five days. Hotel and food are all deductible! Temporary living costs can be claimed.

Let’s say you move out of your old place on the 25th and the new place isn’t ready until the 1st, if you have to live at a hotel in between places, you can claim it!

Click here for a full list of moving expenses you can claim

Have you moved over 40 kms in the past few years or had a child move to or from University? Please get in touch!